Lunch at Dac a Trá, Afternoon Enjoying Poggio Verde

There were visitors to pick up at Malpensa so guests enjoyed coffee on the terrace until it was time to go.

As soon as the new guests got settled, the group departed for lunch at Dac a Trá, a starred Michelin restaurant that seemed worth a try, considering it was about a 10-minute drive from the villa. It was wonderful! The food was fresh and nicely prepared, the service was excellent and the price for lunch was a remarkable 25 euros, including a glass of wine. Highly recommended.

Since lunch was on the later side, the group ambled on the grounds of Poggio Verde and read, caught up on e-mail, etc., and eventually pulled out the badminton and bocce before dinner.

The badminton and bocce were located and put to good use before another excellent dinner enjoyed on the Portico Coperto.

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