A Golf Week at Poggio Verde Country Villa

The online travel blog Milanostyle.com, has featured an interview with some of our recent guests who came for a one week golf vacation. They stayed with us for 7 days and played 5 of the best golf courses in Milan and at Lake Como while still having time to enjoy gourmet lunches and relaxing by the pool. 

The article talks not only about how  the guests enjoyed the villa, but also touches on the history of golf in Italy and describes the different golf courses they played and the challenges they faced on the greens.

Willem shared his experience saying, “The Villa Poggio Verde was fantastic! It was close to all the courses, apart from Garda which was a longer drive. There was no need to take highways, we took small scenic roads, there’s beautiful scenery there. The atmosphere at the villa was comfortable and of course the surroundings at the villa, the pool and the gardens – it was absolutely spectacular. When we show pictures to friends, they really want to go and see it. It was really authentic and  we could feel the history. I would recommend it for couples or group of friends.”

Excerpt from “An Italy golf vacation in Milan at Poggio Verde Country Villa”

Many thanks to Willem Verloop and his golf buddies for taking the time to be interviewed and for sharing their experience with milanostyle.com!

Read the full article here: https://milanostyle.com/an-italy-golf-vacation-in-milan-at-poggio-verde-country-villa/

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