Barzanò market day

At Poggio Verde, we look forward to Thursdays, the Barzanò market day. In Piazza Mercato In the center of town, visitors can enjoy exploring more than 30 stalls of various local products, as well as Italian brands from across the country.

The fresh vegetable stalls are fantastic and inspire us with ideas for what to make for dinner – not an easy choice with all that is on offer this time of year!

Fantastic local salami and goat and cow cheeses, both fresh and seasoned, are offered here by one of the top local producers, Fattoria Selva of nearby Bosisio Parini. Their products are delicious – and the Valsecchi family are wonderful people.

At the La Molinata stall we always pick up the exquisite local honey made in the nearby village of Missaglia: our personal favorite is the lemony “Girasole” – but they are all worth tasting!

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