Rainy Day on Lake Como

All of our guests LOVE to visit Lake Como, even on a rainy day. We typically take our trusty Cazzaniga bus to Bellagio (about 45 minutes) and toodle around there a bit, checking out the shops along the little main piazza or up and down the steps, then head to the magnificent Villa Balbianello across the lake to the west, either on a ferry to Lenno or a private taxi boat.


Arriving at Villa Balbianello:


We typically walk the grounds of Villa Balbianello then head back to Bellagio but on this trip we also took the tour inside the villa, which afforded some nice views.


The grounds of Villa Balbianello are so beautiful, and the colors are only intensified in the rain!


Arriving or leaving Villa Balbianello is beautiful!


If there is time and inclination, we definitely encourage guests to wander in the Giardini Melzi along the lake, just to the south of Bellagio. It’s about a ten- to fifteen-minute walk through the gardens and provides a really pleasant stroll, even in the rain.

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