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Pierino – 4 minutes (1,6 km) from Poggio Verde

Michelin One-Star – Situated on the outskirts of the village of Viganó, this restaurant offers a delightful garden and an elegant dining room with a veranda. The menu features excellent traditional cuisine, including some fish dishes. €€€€

Via XXIV Maggio 36, 23897 Viganò (Lecco)
Tel: +39 039 956020

Agriturismo Giovanna Passeri – 10 minutes (4,5 km) from Poggio Verde

Come here for a delightful, simple meal made with local ingredients, many of which are produced by the Agriturismo itself, served in a quiet and cozy dining room by the chef’s daughter. €€

Via Vincenzo Foppa 1, 23876 Monticello (Lecco)
Tel: +39 039 9202928 – e-mail:

Nuova Trattoria Dac a Trá 14 minutes (7 km) from Poggio Verde

Michelin One-Star – The three young chefs have created a delicious and unique menu with contemporary-style Italian cuisine focussed on organic and locally produced ingredients. The business lunch is very reasonable. €€/€€€

Via S Lorenzo 1, 23884 Castello di Brianza (Lecco)
Tel: +39 039 531 2410

Il Cantuccio – 33 minutes (20, 2 km) from Poggio Verde

Michelin one star – Dinner only. Reserve. Set among the restful greenery of Brianza. One can discover  imaginative reinterpretations of traditional recipes served in two pleasantly furnished dining rooms. There is an excellent selection of wines. €€€

Via Dante Alighieri 32, 22031 Albavilla (Como)
Tel: +39 031 628736

Galbusera Bianca – 20 minutes (11 km) from Poggio Verde

Located within a WWF Oasis for Biodiversity in the heart of Lombardy, this Osteria bio offers a perfect organic cuisine. The tasting and a la carte menus are simple and natural, vegetarian and vegan. €€

Via Galbusera Bianca, 23888 Rovagnate (LC)
Tel: +39 039 570351

La Scarpata/Galbusera Nera – Agriturismo La Costa – 19 minutes (8,3 km) from Poggio Verde

These two restaurants are run by the same family, the same ones who make the wine of the valley, La Costa.

The former is a smaller, intimate restaurant with a fixed menu decided by the chef, whereas Gabusera Nera is a bit more informal location with an a la carte menu. You can get to either using the phone number below.

Call ahead for reservations. Please note that the two restaurants exchange closing periods during the month of August. €€/€€€

Via Curone 15, 23888 Perego (LC)
Tel: +39 039 53 12218

Teresa delle Fragole – 6 minutes  (2,5 km) from Poggio Verde.

Situaeted in the Regional Park of Montevecchia and Curone Valley, the farm produces vegetables and fruit grown according to the parameters of organic farming. On the table you will find dishes, all vegetarian and vegan, cooked with certified organic foods. €

Via Piave 16, 23897 Viganò (LC)
Tel: +39 039 921 1018

Zafferano Bistrot – 6 minutes (3 km) from Poggio Verde

Located in a modern but charming locale in the pretty Red’s hotel, this restaurant serves excellent Italian favorites by an attentive staff. €€

Via Don Rinaldo Beretta 24, 23891 Barzanò (LC)
Tel: + 39 039 9272120

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