Preparing for Your Trip

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Po-Joe. 🙂

Malpensa (MXP) is the main Milan airport and has direct flights from JFK, Newark, Miami, Atlanta and Chicago.

We can pick up groups of eight to twelve arriving or departing together at no extra charge. We can arrange transportation to the villa outside of the group arrival and departure times for about 50 euros per person each way.

There are two other airports that serve Milan, as well, mostly from within the EU: Linate (LIN) and Orio al Serio (BGY). BGY is essentially Bergamo but is about the same distance to the villa as Malpensa.

The villa is about 1.25 hours from MXP and about an hour from BGY (Bergamo Orio al Serio) and LIN (Linate).

Our favorite site for trip planning is http://www.rome2rio. It shows ALL the ways to get from Point A to Point B (and cost).

Traveling BEFORE your time at the villa is a great idea – it allows you to arrive de-jetlagged and ready to go! You can also fly into another airport if you’d like, and out of Milan.

If you travel elsewhere after your stay at the villa, but you are flying home from Malpensa on a morning flight, you might want to consider staying at hotel near the airport the night before your departure to avoid the hour-long trip to the airport from Milan (our driver picks up guests 4 hours before departure).

If you are traveling by train before your Poggio Verde stay, the closest pickup station is Cernusco-Merate. If you are traveling by train after your week at the villa we can help you with arrangements to be dropped off there or in Milan (Porta Garibaldi or Stazione Centrale).

If you would like some ideas of places to go before or after your trip feel free to ask. We have lots! Our favorite site to check for hotels and restaurants in any city is the Michelin Guide.

Poggio Verde requires all participants confirm that, in the case of a health emergency, you have either insurance or the means to return home as needed.

If your credit card or airline doesn’t provide trip cancellation insurance, we recommend World Nomads or Travel Guard, which has medical and trip cancellation insurance. If you’d like to see more information about trip insurance, click here for an article from Forbes that might be helpful.

Click here for interior photos, including the rooms in the villa and the Residenza.

The wi-fi in the villa is very good but it slows down a bit before and after dinner when everyone’s on it. You will be given the passwords upon arrival. If the villa is full, we encourage visitors to refrain from using wi-fi to stream movies in their rooms. 🙂 Please download media onto your devices ahead of time.

Adapters are available at the villa but if you have your own, feel free to bring them.  Curling irons, etc., MUST have switch that toggles back and forth to 220 volt from 110 volt and back again. Those power outages are no fun…). Converters (the big clunky things) are not needed. The white one is the charger Judith currently brings and the black one is the adapters that are in the villa.

Each bathroom has a hair dryer.

There is a washer and a dryer in the villa and one in the Residenza but they are European size (small) and have very long wash cycles so we don’t plan to use them much. Laundry service can be arranged on the mid-week cleaning day – check with Gretchen or Judith. Bring a zippered laundry pouch if you anticipate wanting to wash a few things so your items can be kept together.

Call your carrier, let them know you’ll be in Italy and ask what you need to do, if anything, to make and receive calls. Most companies have a variety of plans to choose from to keep you connected while you’re there. (Verizon’s international people are very helpful: 1-800-711-8300).

iPhones and iPads work the same as at home – whenever you are connected to wi-fi, your FaceTime and texts to another iPhone are free.

We’ll set up a group text before we leave.

You will be provided a printed list and a link to an online google doc with your host and your group’s phone numbers and email for contact purposes before and during the trip.

Bring a card with a chip if you have one as they are more common in Italy than in the US. United Chase Visa and Capitol One cards do not charge euro/dollar conversion fees, just FYI. It’s a good idea to call your credit card company before you leave and let them know you are traveling and where so they don’t deny your first charges in Italy!

It’s a good idea to bring some euros with you but there are also ATMs in the airport and train station. You can pick some up at your bank or AAA (no fee for members) before you come. (Wichita travelers: Intrust and Commerce Bank in Wichita have euros and the charge is minimal.)

There is no particular dress code but we tend to avoid athletic wear. Pack light, though, and come ready to enjoy yourself and be comfortable. Layers and scarves seem to work well for most travelers. If you are there with the Wencels your photo is likely to be snapped numerous times. 🙂 To get ideas of attire from previous travelers, check our Flickr albums – they are arranged by date and you can find albums from around the time of your own trip.

Bring a collapsible umbrella if you have one – it does rain on occasion in sunny Italy. Tennis shoes/sneakers are perfectly acceptable footwear – the important thing is that your shoes be comfortable. Dinner at the villa is among friends, of course, so dress as you would if going to a friend’s house for dinner. 🙂 If you have purchased a beautiful new scarf or shoes or other attire on the trip, feel free to wear them to dinner so we can all appreciate them!

And speaking of new shoes, scarves, clothes, etc., Bellagio has some very nice shopping for silks and linens, as does Como, and of course Milan. Bergamo also has some nice shops.

There is a mid-week cleaning of the bathrooms and a towel change. If you or your group would like more frequent housekeeping service, we can make arrangements.

Click here to get an idea of what the forecast or average temps and weather are at different times of year at the villa. (Change the month at the top of the page as needed).

If you’re curious when the sun is rising and setting when you’re at Poggio, you can click this link.

There is no expectation for tips at the villa. If you are particularly pleased with the service of the housekeeper, chef, kitchen help, driver, etc., feel free to tip but it is not expected. All tips in restaurants are taken care of.