Piani d’Erna Hiking in the Pre-Alps

Visiting Piani d’Erna is a wonderful way to get some stunning views of the Alps as well as a variety of level of hikes all in one and can be a day trip or a half-day trip depending on your preferences. Behind the city of Lecco a cableway leads in just 5 minutes to Piani d’Erna, at the foot of the Mount Resegone. The area provides many opportunities for hiking, a breathtaking view, mountain cabins and stops for food and drink. There is an Adventure Park for kids. Perfect for those who want to spend a day to lie in the sun, both for those who want to do an easy or more challenging walk through the mountains and for those who simply want to try local favorites in a mountain refuge with breathtaking views.

Length of Drive: 35 minutes (30 km) from Poggio Verde
Parking: Piazzale della Funivia Versasio – Piani d’Erna – 23900
Type of Visit: Natural Beauty / walks in a range of difficulties from easy to moderate

Things to see:

  • The nature path, extending over 6.750 m at an average altitude of 1250 m is the most appealing way to get to know Piani d’Erna. It passes through a highly bio-diverse area with a wide range of animal life.
  • Adventure park for children with tarzaning, tree climbing, Tibetan bridges, fun activities amid unspoiled vegetation
  • Funicular taking you up to 1300 metres, from Lecco to the Resegone Mountain; trekking and mountain biking available.

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