EXPO Milano 2015

              feeding the planet, energy for life

At EXPO Milano 2015 you’ll have the whole world in your hands: the exposition area hosts 145 countries and offers them a space to showcase their experience, innovations and ideas. The event goal is finding solutions to a fundamental challenge of humanity, thus this challenge became the theme of EXPO Milano 2015, that is: “Feeding the planet, energy for life”.
EXPO Milano 2015 is a multifaceted event, where extraordinary exhibitions, diplomatic encounters, business meetings, public debates and live shows take place at the same time. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity you don’t want to miss!

The site is located north-west of Milano and is very well connected to the 3 major airports around the city and with the most important means of public transport.
If you want to drive to EXPO, we suggest you to park your car in one of the parking lots located around the site, as shown in the map, however they have to be booked in advance. The parking lots in ARESE and TRENNO offer a transfer service to the fair (15-20 minutes).
You can also reach EXPO with the metro, taking the red line, stop RHO FIERA. (round ticket: 5€);
It’s also possible to arrive by train, with the suburban lines 5, 6, 11 or 14, the nearest stop is FIERA MILANO and you can use the regular 2.50€ ticket for the urban area.

Please, note that there are 4 different entrances, depending on what direction you are coming from:

  • WEST:
    • Triulza (TRAIN)
    • Fiorenza (MM)
  • EAST:
    • Roserio
  • SOUTH:
    • Merlata

Expo 2015 takes place in Milan from the 1st of May to the 31st of October 2015.
The Universal Exhibition area will be open every day of the week, starting from 10 am until 11 pm. Starting from the 30th of May, on Saturday, Sunday and holidays it will remain open until midnight.

There are two main types of tickets that can be purchased:

  • Open date ticket: it gives you the opportunity to visit the World Fair in any day you want. Once you’ve decided when you’ll visit Expo, you should login to the MyExpo service, on the Expo 2015 official website, to confirm the date
  • Fixed date ticket: it’s cheaper than the open date ticket, but you have to decide the day of your visit in advance. It’s the best choice if you’ve already planned your stay in Milan.

Instead, with an evening ticket, you can access the exhibition area from 7 pm for just as little as 5€! You should consider this option if you just want to take a quick look to Expo, or if you’re getting there to have dinner in some pavilion’s restaurant. (Keep in mind, though, that most of the pavilions close at 9pm). A wide range of multiple day passes or family tickets (with different prices depending on the number of people in the group) are also available. It’s possible to purchase the tickets both online, through the official EXPO website, and in person, either at the Expo Gate in via Beltrami straight in front of the Sforza Castle and at La Triennale di Milano, or addressing an official reseller (normally signaled by a special sign outside the shop).


Expo 2015 Exhibition Area is structured like a typical Roman town, based on two main perpendicular axes, Cardo and Decumano. The whole area includes the official buildings, the pavilions built by Expo Milano 2015 participants, the clusters and the thematic areas.
Tips to move around:
In order to move inside Expo, but outside of Cardo and Decumano, you may take the free People Mover bus. Some pavilions provide guided tours but the line can be very long; moreover If you’re planning to eat at a pavilion’s restaurant, you should check the prices in advance, because they can be expensive.
There are info centers at the edge of where the pavilions start and they provide maps in all languages. Moreover, there are also well marked volunteers everywhere to help if you have questions.
Scattered throughout the park you can find free water bottle refill stations and nice restrooms as well, while in the “Let’s Toast” cafes there are free charging stations!


  • Pavilion Zero:  a 3D representation of the earth’s crust that will take you through a journey about the relationship between man and food.
  • Italy: explore Palazzo Italia and indulge in the rich culinary tradition and innovations of this beautiful country. The wonderful Tree of Life will leave you in awe at night.
  • Jordan: Jordan reveals its secrets and shows visitors how to grow food in the desert.
  • Vietnam: probably one of the most scenographic pavilions, with some giant lotus flowers, making it the ideal destination to relax in a peaceful space.
  • Austria: breath some fresh air in a proper Austrian forest a few kilometers away from the center of Milan.
  • Japan: you have to wait in line for quite some time to enter the evocative japanese pavilion, inspired by traditional Kyoto houses, a perfect combination of technology and nature.


  • Israel: rose water frozen yogurt with walnuts and apricots or picnic baskets to take away
  • Spain: shady patio area for typical sangria and tapas
  • Monaco: traditional Barbajuans with a glass of champagne
  • Morocco: delicate mint tea served with appetizer samples
  • Turkey: free aromatic turkish coffee and a tasting of pistachio baklava
  • Eataly: take a stroll through the the 20 regions of Italy and don’t miss any of their specialities!

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