Bicycling Along the River Adda

The River Adda Itinerary we propose below is a very easy introduction to cycling in the area, far away from cars:

A day of nature, history and easy exercise, appropriate also for children. This easy cycle track runs along the Adda river from Lecco right down to Milan, but you can easily turn around earlier. We propose departing from Imbersago, the site of a stretch of canal designed by Leonardo da Vinci. From the bike rental location you can take a replica of Leonardo’s ferry, an ingenious water-powered craft designed by Da Vinci in the 1400s. Then follow the cycle path “The Martesana” along the river; the entire track is within the pristine nature preserve “Parco Adda”. From here you can cycle towards the 19th village of Crespi d’Adda, a UNESCO World Heritage Site (17 km away; it takes just over an hour by bike; click here). The river ride is easy and offers beautiful landscapes, birdwatching, flora and historical places.

Length of Drive: 28 min (18km) from Poggio Verde
Type of Visit: natural beauty / light exercise / culture
Ferry crossing-bike rental: Addarella Bikes. Address: Traghetto sull’Adda, near via Adda 7 – 23898 Imbersago.
Tel: 392 2999771

Things to see:

  • River Adda, also knows as Leonardo’s river because of the interest of the Renaissance genius in this water course. Hired by the Duke of Milan not as an artist but as an engineer to help design regional transportation routes using water flow and currents, Leonardo is thought to have also made drawings like “Virgin on the rocks” while here.
  • Leonardo’s Ferry, located at the bike rental location, based on Leonardo’s model.
  • Crespi d’Adda, a village founded in the second half of 19th century and still inhabited. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the first “worker’s village” built and designed by the Crespi textile manufacturer for the benefit of his

River Adda Itinerary: Download file

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